The Making of "Suicide in Selfridges"

I remember hearing music producer !llmind say that "each placement has a unique story behind it". It's almost like a fingerprint forms from the relationships, experiences, and collaborations that take place during the entire production (and legal) process. I think you'll agree with me when I say that many MANY trials & errors take place before the music reaches the listener.

Of course, there are stories where you'll hear a producer manifest a multi-platinum hit in a matter of minutes but that's a completely different scenario from my contribution to this piece.

I don't know what it is about Conductor's sound or if it's the fact that we happen to share the same zodiac sign (let's go Pisces!) but for some reason every time I put on something from Conductor's catalog it would move and inspire me. As a producer myself I felt like I was able to audibly communicate back based on my music preferences alone. This communication would turn into ideas that I would send as often as I could. I wouldn't say that the process of creating was always easy but the ideas would flow more naturally compared to other producers that I've sent to. 

If there's something I've learned from this experience it's two things:

  1. Focus
    • I mean really focus on who inspires you and why you're sending your creations out to the artist/producer. It'll make your workflows efficient and mean more for both parties in the end.
  2. Be Persistent & Consistent BUT
    • You've probably heard this one before but it really is a marathon. Keep going and shoot your shots but remember life is beautiful and happening at the same time. Don't be hard on yourself when you want to spend time unwinding with your loved ones, especially if you've got a dog! I love how in the video Conductor speaks to how there were studio sessions where he locked in with Westside Gunn but what was probably more important from that experience was the company and time they spent together just kickin' it. So yeah, do the work. Be persistent & consistent but don't forget to enjoy life.

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